4-April-2017 with successful year

With we have helped over 150,000 people find ATMs closest to them (exact number is most likely much greater than twice this number since other organizations and apps use our data too). It feels great to keep helping people …


Slovakia in Figures 2017 is popular within business community

The popularity of the publication Slovakia in Figures continues to increase and a week after the 2017 issue was available we can already conclude that the revenues are already the highest in the history. This way, we’d like to thank …


Slovakia in Figures 2017 is available

ECENTER in cooperation with AmCham publishes Slovakia in Figures 2017 – one of the most popular publications promoting Slovakia in a concise way as an attractive location for doing business.

1-February-2017 successful in January achieved 65% growth in January compared to previous year.

31-January-2017 is widely used also on Android

ECENTER continues providing information about your closest ATM in Slovakia through a completely free App (no advertising) on Android phones. You can download it here.

1-January-2017 continues with success achieved 88% growth in December compared to previous year.


EQUANIMO sells in German speaking countries

ECENTER has successfully sold its products through store to customers in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Slovakia.


Successful November for and Karl Jetting achieved 150% growth in November compared to previous year. We also introduced a new brand of which we will continue to develop throughout 2017.

1-November-2016 keeps growing achieved 187% growth in October compared to previous year.


Davis & Morgan in the Top 3

Davis & Morgan has been in the market for three years and we are currently in the Top 3 in Slovakia. We will continue to bring innovations and greater level of automation to our clients and we start looking for …