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ECENTER News Archive


November 2006
ECENTER provided Gap analysis to Dutch investors about their Slovak wooden products manufacturing facility.

October 2006
ECENTER analyzed business opportunities for international trade for its partner between the U.S. and Europe.

September 2006
ECENTER Analyzed space for improvement in Dutch window manufacturing company. The gap analysis was provided to the investors based on which ECENTER’s engagement was extended to a more detailed analysis

August 2006
ECENTER analyzed business opportunities between Slovakia and Croatia.

June 2006
ECENTER successfully completed the project of assembling prefab houses in Germany for its Dutch client.

March 2006
ECENTER prepared detailed refurbishment plan for its retail client. Complete refurbishment of its retail space was done in record short time which ensured maximizing profits.

February 2006
ECENTER was engaged by a Dutch client to manage a project of building prefab houses to be assembled in Germany.