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ECENTER helps its clients doing the right things; and doing them well. Our advisory transforms companies into more agile and faster growing organizations. We help them succeed.

Strategic Management Consulting

We assist in establishing flexible decision making processes, clear long-term goals and objectives and proper assessment of the needs of our clients’ customers. Read more.

Project Management

We create solutions that effectively predict, plan and monitor complex projects at the costs that are beneficial to our clients. Read more.

Business Processes Improvement

ECENTER’s optimization of personnel, goods, and information flows significantly reduces the time for accomplishing tasks and the relevant costs. Read more.

Management of Human Capital

Our experience in the field is in adjusting the way employees are managed, motivated and paid. Read more.

Strategic Financial Management

ECENTER assists companies with high-level, strategic financial consulting. Read more.

Interim Management

Ecenter helps its clients in critical times. Our team is capable to ensure continuity of business within very short time. Read more.

Other Services

Other services provided by Ecenter include business brokerage, M&A, institutional investments consulting, business plans, feasibility studies, gap analyses, appraisals and business and sales forcasting. Read more.