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ECENTER News Archive


September 2005
ECENTER was engaged by a Dutch company to assist with their enterprise in Slovakia and start with its sales efforts in Central & Eastern European markets.

September 2005
ECENTER assessed opportunities for imports/exports of products/goods from Egypt

August 2005
ECENTER secured financing of a project to one of its clients. ECENTER presented its analysis on helping its Czech client with substantially improving its Slovak site.

Jul 2005
ECENTER published Map&Guide – Bratislava.

Jun 2005
ECENTER analyzed opportunity to promote tourism in the TATRAs, Slovakia.

May 2005
ECENTER was engaged by a Czech company to develop marketing and sales strategies for successful start up of its new Slovak operation.

May 2005
ECENTER launched efforts on the new edition of its “MAP&GUIDE – Bratislava” Map.

April 2005
ECENTER was engaged by ITEURO to provide assistance with its entry to Slovak market.

March 2005
ECENTER successfully assisted Five to tripple its business within 1.5 years. In March, Five opened 2 new facilities in the Czech Republic.

January 2005
ECENTER started with implementation of strategies proposed to Schill Dental.