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ECENTER News Archive


December 2007
ECENTER assisted American Chamber of Commerce with a new personnel assessment system.

September 2007
ECENTER assisted in filling key positions for American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia – Corporate & Public Affairs Officer and Director of its Kosice office.

August 2007
ECENTER secured financing of a project to one of its clients. ECENTER presented its analysis on helping its Czech client with substantially improving its Slovak site.

May 2007
ECENTER finished its first Slovak E-Banking analysis.

April 2007
ECENTER completed its 6 months interim management of Dutch wooden products manufacturing company in Slovakia. This engagement succeeded in significant improvement in company’s management, production planning, time and cost budgeting, cost control, and in products quality.

March 2007
ECENTER provided crisis management assistance to its client related to natural disaster impacting their facility.

January 2007
ECENTER facilitated a trade meeting between its local partner and a potential U.S. business partner in New York. ECENTER analyzed further business opportunities between the U.S. and Europe.