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Indonesian Embassy in Slovakia

Indonesian Embassy was interested in enhancing bilateral relations between the two countries. Moreover, it the embassy was interested in increasing the volume of imports from Indonesia to Slovakia.

Our Engagement

ECENTER analyzed the current status and provided recommendations for achieving some improvements in imports from Indonesia and thus secondarily enhance business in their home country. ECENTER assessed various aspects necessary to enhance trade including political, economic and socio-cultural aspects.

Achieved results

ECENTER has presented 7 major categories for improvement with 24 specific points of which most were accepted and implemented. The full report was concluded and presented in 2002. Indonesian imports were stabilized at the level of 0.21% in 1999, 2000, and 2001 in the three years prior to our analysis. In the next two years after initial implementation of our recommendations, Indonesia’s share on Slovak Imports has increased annually by significant 26% in 2002 (to 0.26%), 19% in 2003 (to 0.32%), and 19% in 2004 (to 0.37%).

Other Benefits

As a result our analysis has been presented to the government in Jakarta and the Embassy requested ECENTER’s approval to present the results of analysis to all Eastern European Countries and all former Soviet Union countries on a central meeting in Moscow. Gladly, we have approved and it was highly regarded as a very useful guideline for other embassies in the region.