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American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia

In the last quarter of 2011, ECENTER was hired by American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia (AmCham) to increase its revenues and business performance. The underlying assumption was that revenues is an easily measurable outcome of members satisfaction and thus also of the quality of organization’s operation. In other words, the more satisfied the members are the more they are willing to spend on AmCham’s services.

Our Engagement

Was to help AmCham with further strengthening its leading position in the market and to assist with boosting its growth. ECENTER identified twelve main improvement items, of which ten and a half were approved and adopted by the organization.

ECENTER assisted with the implementation of the recommendations throughout the year of 2012 through regular meetings, reviews, and monitoring of the changes and improvements.

Achieved results

Outstanding performance results

The financial figures were available only for the past ten years. In 2012 AmCham exceeded by far even the highest annual growth in the prior ten years while ending the year with significant surplus. This was an outstanding achievement especially because it happened during an uneasy economic situation and to an already mature and well established leader in the market.

ECENTER set a very ambitious revenues goal for the five years. Some involved parties perceived the goals as way too optimistic. By the end of 2012 AmCham exceeded the goal by more than 100% and in the same year, the organization exceeded even the very ambitious goal set for 2013.

AmCham has strengthened its leadership position in the market and is set for further growth. Within the first half of 2013 more new members joined AmCham than in the full year of 2012 or 2011.

Other side benefits

In addition to the twelve main recommended items, large number of other smaller improvements had been implemented which helped AmCham to become a more desirable organization to its members and to its staff.