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In 2003, ECENTER was approached by the owner of Five, s.r.o., a company owning two retail units in Bratislava, Slovakia. We were asked to assist with a business issue which could have had a serious damaging impact on the future of the company.

Our Engagement

Was to help minimize the negative impact of the situation that occurred. ECENTER successfully found a viable alternative solution. Subsequently ECENTER was asked to continue supporting the organization in all business development efforts included financing, corporate management, business development and growth reporting directly to the owner of the company.

ECENTER assisted at the time small company to obtain its first external institutional financing and subsequently assisted with other bank loans and insurance financing. Our company helped with improving Human Resources structure in the organization. Five also requested assistance in improving relations with its vendors and clients. ECENTER has overseen organizational growth from legal perspective, including signing all important contracts with third parties. We have also created better and more precise financial monitoring and planning tools.

Achieved results

Outstanding performance results

Five, s.r.o. is currently operating a network of 15 retail units in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with one of the best back-office, IT and financial infrastructure in place. Five has become one of the top 3 players in its market and is currently carrying high-profile brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and G-Star. ECENTER has been continously providing extensive management assistance since its first engagement in 2003.

Other side benefits

ECENTER successfully assisted the company in obtaining bank loans and insurance. It helped Five to set a better cashflow and financial planning. Despite robust growth of the company it relies less and less on external financing and today is a desired client for the banking institutions in Slovakia.

Five, s.r.o. has entered new business lines including international trading and real estate. In both of these areas the company is relatively new despite significant investments made. Equally we may expect significant growth in these additional business lines in the coming years.