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Interim Management

ECENTER has helped its clients with radical changes in their companies. Some of our clients went through tough times. Some went through times in which many significant changes needed to be made within limited time. ECENTER’s clients benefited from successful turnaround of the companies and from radical improvements within very short time.

We have helped our clients with changing ownership and transfer of the transformed company into the new management team. With our clients we set the goals. The temp management pushes for all the process and other relevant changes within very short time to achieve the goals. Then the new management is brought in and has already available organization ready to perform as desired; it doesn’t need to deal with all the “why’s”. When the new management comes people are afraid for another set of new radical changes. Since only a very few employees appreciate the new management and are more prone to quickly follow their leadership.

Except of increasing employee’s salary all other changes are perceived with fear from unknown.

We have also helped our clients through temp management in situations of a short-term project in a specific field or region. In many instances hiring ECENTER is less costly and more beneficial than finding and hiring a person for short term projects.

We help our clients when the key management personnel resigns or discontinues on a very short notice. Our team is capable to ensure continuity of business within very short time. In such cases we often help our clients with finding and coaching the new management personnel in parallel with supporting the on-going business.