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Other Services

Business Brokerage

ECENTER helps companies to negotiate deals with potential sellers. By hiding the actual buyer behind ECENTER, buyers save money in the transactions or they may get relevant information without revealing their true identity.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We have an excellent process for finding the right targets in the region and negotiating beneficial terms for our clients.

Institutional Investments

ECENTER helps companies with obtaining external investments. We work very closely on preparing every aspect of the firm to successfully obtain funding for their projects, next step in their businesses, or even for starting up new businesses.

Business Plans

We help companies to prepare the essential document for starting their business and follow up on activities to successfully grow. We prepare business plans for both projects and companies.

Feasibility Studies

ECENTER assesses benefits versus costs of engaging into new ventures. Our insight information and expertise provides solid output with reliable data.

Gap Analysis

Space for improvement, clear prioritization of such items with specifically defined steps their duration, costs and how to achieve them is something we often provide to our clients. If desired, we also help companies with implementation of our suggestions.

Companies Appraisals, Project Appraisals, Independent Assessment of Investments

If you are interested in an independent opinion about certain company’s value or a value of a project don’t hesitate to contact us. Also if you are considering partnering with a company or providing credit limit to a firm and you’d like an independent opinion, we are experienced in the field and will be happy to help.

Business and Sales Forecasting

ECENTER has tools for sales and business forecasting. Proper assessment of the possibilities on the market allows for optimized operation and thus faster growth. Most organization in the field know that there is a wide range of applications available in the market, the key to success is in proper definitions of attributes or determining factors – and that’s what we help our clients with.