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We would like to thank to the following people who intensively worked with ECENTER and thus helped the company to its current stage – thank you all!

Marek Bulak

Marek joined ECENTER in May 2005. Among many other things, Marek provided ECENTER with substantial help in improving business operations of wooden window manufacturers in Holland and in Slovakia. He also assisted with our eBanking review in Slovakia. In the Summer of 2007 he decided to take on the opportunity to go to the U.S. with a work & travel program. He realized the great benefits and pleasures of traveling and knowing new cultures; so, in 2008 he took another longer trip to India. Marek is currently pursuing his MBA in China.

Miroslav Nagy

Miro Nagy worked with ECENTER between November 2005 and June 2006. He had been very valuable asset as a person who developed and managed stock management control system to one of our major client and provided other IT assistance to ECENTER. Miro is now working with a personnel agency Hill International.

Monika Mojzisova

Worked with ECENTER as an Office Manager and helped the firm with almost anything what was needed. She provided great help with Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction training programs. Monika graduated from Philosophy School at Commenius University, major – Adult Education and Human Resource Management. Monika was a great asset to ECENTER and is currently enjoying her stay in London, UK.

Martina Smicekova

Martina Smicekova helped ECENTER with office management needs between September 2005 and June 2006. She helped tremendously not only with making sure our office was well organized and run but she also provided very prompt and reliable assistance to our Project Managers. Martina moved on with her career to IBM. As of January 11, 2009 Martina is taking care of their first daughter – Nelka.

Adela Papajova

Graduated from Commenius University School of International Languages. Adela joined our company as a Project Manager Associate and assisted the firm with the second edition of Slovakia Guide For Potential Foreign Investors & Business Partners, two projects for Indonesian Embassy, and assisted with presentation of the company at Investment Fairs. Adela moved on to a successful Slovak start up GoTive. Adela is currently a senior manager with a translation agency Acropolis, s.r.o.

Michal Smolak

Joined ECENTER as a Project Manager Asoociate shortly after its establishment. He helped the firm with numerous project including Slovakia Guide For Potential Foreign Investors & Business Partners, a few projects for Indonesian Embassy, and lead a pr oject for an American Enterprise interested in establishing its office in Slovakia. Michal is now working with Orange as a Controller. He holds an MBA degree from City University.

Peter Gebura

Peter graduated from Economics University Bratislava, Slovakia. He joined ECENTER as Project Manager Associate and helped our company substantially with its establishment in 2002. He also assisted ECENTER with its first projects – preparing the first edition of Slovakia Guide For Potential Foreign Investors & Business Partners and with market research about usage and knowledge of SAMSUNG brand and products in Slovakia. Peter then took a new opportunity – managerial position at Gerling – insurance company. Later on, Peter took on an audit supervisor position with Tacoma (today’s ACCACE). Currently Peter works with an Austrian company CWS-boco Service Center Slovensko, s.r.o. as a Finance Controller. He oversees Eastern EU countries – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, and Romania.

Zuzana Haasova, Martina Kozelkova & Robert Vrlak

ECENTER further appreciates help of the aforementioned people all of whom helped the company with its achievements.